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About Lisa Haussler

Like many young women growing up in Los Angeles, Lisa developed a fascination with fashion. But unlike her peers, whose goal was to fill their closets, she aspired to launch and build her own clothing line. Recognizing that she had a natural ability to lead, rather than follow, Lisa realized her future would be in the world of business.

Graduating summa cum laude from USC with a degree in finance and marketing, Lisa was hired by Union Bank in corporate lending, brokering multi-million dollar loans for Fortune 500 companies. Still, something was missing. And with the intention of becoming an investment banker, Lisa left for North Carolina to earn an MBA at Duke University.

Returning to Los Angeles, Lisa signed on with PricewaterhouseCoopers as a management consultant. She discovered a talent for problem solving and efficiency, honing her relationship building skills and helping her clients implement “best in class” processes.

As much as she loved her work, there was one thing she loved more. Lisa accepted Steve Haussler’s proposal for marriage and his invitation to join his real estate business.

As Steve’s partner, Lisa applies the world-class techniques used by successful corporations to their company. Her experience in corporate negotiations allows her to resolve any potential crisis with equitable solutions. For each client, she designs a custom course of action that minimizes stress and worries. With Lisa, buyers and sellers can rely on a highly organized and detail driven resource whose banking background allows her to work through the labyrinth of financing. Her compassionate approach to making the process run smoothly, and her gift for problem solving, are significant reasons why Haussler + Haussler offers more.

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