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About Steve Haussler

Some young men fall in love with cars. Some are seduced by motorcycles. Steve Haussler fell in love with a house.

As a young boy, his parents moved to Massachusetts and built a California-inspired Modern home in a neighborhood of traditional Colonials. The dramatic impact of the clean, open spaces made him realize that a house was more than walls and a roof, more than a façade.

Back in Southern California, Steve took an architectural tour of homes by Harwell Harris and R.M. Schindler. Walking through spaces designed to enhance the experience of living, he awakened to everything architecture could be and was deeply inspired by these acclaimed Modern architects.

Steve’s desire to become an architect changed during college. Taking a position with a local real estate office, he realized that helping people find or sell a home was as fulfilling as designing them. Steve’s clients have come to know him as thoughtful and knowledgeable; he possesses an intuitive ability to match a home’s qualities to their lifestyle.

Over the last twenty-six years, Steve has gained an unequalled reputation in the San Gabriel Valley as an innovative marketer of homes, and a leader in the preservation movement. He is a frequent volunteer for Pasadena Heritage, has sat on the Board of the Friends of The Gamble House and has chaired Altadena Heritage.

His infatuation with Modern architecture blends well with his appreciation of early 20th Century art and design, and his work has always embraced the significant area styles such as Craftsman and Spanish Revival. Steve is a trusted resource on architectural design, details and construction of older homes, and is often called upon to determine whether a home’s tile is sought-after Batchelder or if a home represents the work of a particular builder or architect.

Whether buying or selling a home, Steve offers a rare combination of professionalism and understanding that makes the entire experience enjoyable and rewarding.

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